“Peace Action on the Street”

On August 9, 2006, in Kanghwamun in Seoul, there was a street campaign called “Peace Action on the Street,” condemning the Israeli invasion of Palestine and Lebanon and demanding the return of the Zaitun, the Korean army dispatched in Iraq.

Several groups were involved. A group of college students called Nanum, which means ‘share’ in Korean, has been collecting signatures and contributions from those opposed to the Israeli invasion. The Palestine Peace Solidarity has been enacting a one-man demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy for five weeks now.

The campaigners informed the public of the reality of the war and appealed for solidarity. They also sang songs of peace.

Dyung Yaping, a member of Palestine Peace Solidarity, told the audience that Koreans could do something to stop the war. She emphasized, “Koreans must think of themselves, their own ethics. Think about why you’re precious beings that cannot be harmed and cannot be killed while others are killed? On what basis is your security guaranteed? The war is not just other people’s problem, it’s ours as well.”

Startone, a singer, sang “Knocking on Heaven’s Door,” expressing his sadness and anger.

Leedari, the planner of this campaign, prayed for the peace of all the people living on earth.

The campaign will continue on Wednesdays.

It says, “Take down the muzzle of a gun, Israel!”“Peace to Lebanon”“We want peace.”

An activist from PPS Banda is distributing anti-war papers.

Dyung Yaping appeals for solidarity.

Startone sings.