We denounce the U.S. and Israel!!

Statement in Protest and Solidarity by the Korean Anti-war and Peace Movement

We denounce the U.S. and Israel!!

That Israel has massacred Palestinians is nothing new. Ever since forcibly occupying Palestine and establishing the occupying state of Israel, Zionists have been massacring Palestinians and expelling them from their homeland. Over the 58 years of Israeli military occupation, Palestinians have lost not only their lives, but also the dignity, as well as the right to dream of a future, every human being ought to be afforded.

The large-scale military attack Israel has been waging since June 28th is a part of this fifty-eight-year-long occupation and massacre. As a result of the current military attack, houses and buildings have been destroyed, and 176 Palestinians have died and 872 have been injured as of July 31.

Although Israel has claimed that it waged the attack to save its own soldiers, this is only a façade. What Israel is really aiming for is the destruction of the Hamas administration, a group that has resisted Israel’s occupation policy in Palestine and revenge against Palestinians for having chosen the Hamas administration.

As with Palestine, this is not the first time Israel has waged massacre and destructive war against Lebanon. Without rehearsing the numerous other instances of war and massacre, it suffices to recall the 1982 attacks Israel waged against Lebanon, with which Israel left tens of thousands dead and committed a terrible crime against human history.

On July 12, Israel began another attack on Lebanon. 750 people had died as of August 2, and 750 thousand Lebanese have lost their homes and become refugees. In less than a month, major social infrastructure including airports and power plants has been destroyed. The attacks on Qana, in which more than 60 Lebanese, including more than 30 children, were killed, is a representative example of Israel’s military actions in Lebanon.

As with Palestine, Israel’s purported reason for beginning war in Lebanon was to rescue those of its soldiers held there. However, Israel’s real purpose is to destroy the Hezbollah, which has been waging a resistance movement against Israel since the 1982 massacre, and, further, to expand Israel’s control over the Middle East and Arab region by pressuring Syria and Iran.

What we have not forgotten, however, is that Israel and the U.S. have cooperated through the bloody wars in Palestine and Lebanon. The U.S. is not a mere sponsor or third-party to the current war, but rather an invader and slaughterer just like Israel.

Therefore, Korea’s anti-war and peace movement demands that:

Israel and the U.S. immediately stop their war against and massacre in Palestine and Lebanon, and withdraw from all occupied territories.
– Israel and the U.S. apologize to all the Palestinians and Lebanese who have suffered as a result of the war and massacre and compensate them for their loss.
– Israel and U.S. cease its domination policy in the Middle East and Arab region, so as to ensure the peace and stability of this region.


Message of Solidarity to the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples

The pain and hurt that Palestine and Lebanon are suffering at this time is also causing many Koreans shock and grief. Small as our powers are, we are therefore commencing action to stop the war and massacre.

Palestine and Lebanon ought to be places where human dignity breathes, not objects of violence and occupation. Thus, we demand that Israel and the U.S. immediately stop their war and massacre in these countries.

We also send our solidarity to the people of Palestine and Lebanon, who have continued, for their past, present, and future, in resisting Israel and the U.S.

Let us all have courage and confidence.

While our present is dark and difficult, as long as we do not give up our dream of a new world we will achieve a world in which all human beings may live freely in peace.

August 3, 2006

Korean Federation of Medical Groups for Health Rights

Korean Pharmacists for Democratic Society

Korea Dentists Association For Healthy Society

Kyonggi Women’s Associations United

Kyungnam Women’s Associations United

Kwangju Chonnam Women’s Associations United

National Park Conservation Network

Korean House For International Solidarity

Korea Christian Action Organization

Korea Association of Christian Women for Women Minjung

Nanum Munwha Global Peace Sharing


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Solidarity for Woker’s Health

Labor Human Rights Center

Power Of Working Class

Worker’s Institute for Management Analysis

Green Korea

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Cultural Action


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Democratic Labor Party

Seoul Democratic Labor Party

Democratic Workers’ Solidarity

Citizens’ Coalition for Democratic Media

National Alliance for Democracy & Reunification of Korea

National Association of Professors for Democratic Society

Korean Woman Organization Against Us Occupation

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People’s Solidarity For Social Progress

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The Korean Chatholic Women’s Commuity for A New World

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Joint Committee for Migrant Workers in Korea

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Iraq Solidarity For Peace

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(90 organizations)