Stop the war!!! Anti-war voices of Koreans (3)

Bae, Mun-hyung
Let’s condemn barbarism of Israel and the U.S.

Kim, Kun-young
Stop the war, and as for the U.S, stop supporting missiles bringing about massacre.

Globalization of capital is supportive troops!
Anti-war geberal strike against globalization of wars!
Weaponry plants of all nations, go on strike!

Lee, Seung-hyun
Let’s live together.

Kim, You-jung
Which is bigger, between those who are salvages by religion and those who are killed by religion?
My heart really hurts.

NAZI was not only rightful but reasonable.

Kim, Ki-young
Jews have to think about what is different between what the NAZI did and what they are doing now.

Chang, Yeo-kyung
Israel, stop this war and masscre.
I send deep regrets and solidarity to the people of Lebanon and Palestine.
Let’s shout peace, let’s shout peace!

Moon, Hyung-sook
I had a good feeling on Israel. But now, Israel seems to be fanatics doing mad things being supported by US.

Please, stop the war…
Innocent children are abused and become victims.
I wish our world without patriots, without national interests, without weapons.
I want peace.

Koo, Tae-ok
I oppose the Israeli version of Holocaust.
Peace to Palestine and Lebanon!
Viva! Intifada!

Park, Young-suk
Stop the war, or you will get payback.

Min-Ah Cho
No one is free when others are suppresed.

Save Lebanon!

Save Palestine!
Save Children!
Save People!

Fuck Israel!
Fuck USA!
Fuck Imperialism!
Fuck the War!
Fuck it all!

Stop the War and Genocide!

We want Peace.

down arms,

rising peace

… and more than 170 Koreans joined collecting signatures campaign against the Israeli invasion.