A Candlelight Demonstration for Peace

On August 24th, 2006, there was a candlelight demonstration for peace in the Middle East at Kwanghwamun, Seoul, Korea.

The first speaker, who had refused to do his military service, said, “While refusing to carry out one’s military service is against Korean law, I believe that reducing the size of its army and its arms is the road to peace.”

Kim Dae-Sung, singer, exhorted the audience to “Cry out for peace, freedom, antiwar, and liberation.”

Kim Jin-Ah, who studied abroad in France and made many good Palestinian friends, told us to do away with the preconceived notion that all Palestinians are terrorists, and that her friends smiled as they spoke of their Palestinian pride. If the names of victims, posted on the Internet, match the name of a family member, they disregard price and make expensive international calls to their family. In Palestine, the Israeli army bombs in the middle of the night to interfere with Palestinians’ sleep.

The last speaker, Nuri, a member of Palestine Peace Solidarity, said to not look at what the news tells us,
and think of how we are all connected; if Pyongtaek
hurts, we cry, and when Palestinians die, we feel pain,
and our dearest wish is for everyone to live a normal
life of peace.