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Palestinian Gathering at Targeted Home Prevents Israeli Airstrike
In the Occupied Territories, the Israeli military called off a planned air strike on the Gaza home of a wanted militant Sunday after hundreds of Palestinians gathered at the home to protect it. Hamas activist Nizar Riyan described the scene.

    Nizar Riyan: “In the beginning hundreds of people gathered and in less than an hour, there are thousands gathered on the roof. Now the men and woman are taking shifts, meaning the women came this morning and said, ‘We will be here during the day and you cover during the night’. Now, our sisters sitting on top of the roof and said now go and get some rest inside the house. This approach initiated by our people, whether they are men or women, is a great approach that will break the strength of the (Israeli) F-16 planes.”

An Israeli spokesperson called the Palestinian action ā€œa cynical exploitation of our attempt to avoid harm to civilians.ā€ But Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said the tactic had broken new ground and would be used to stop future Israeli attacks.

    Palestinian PM Ismail Haniyeh: “Israel will not break our will and we will stand together for a long path, starting by what has happened here today at this house, to Protect our house, our children, our women and our elderly.”