November 2009

This month, we had three of our activists back from Palestine!!!!

Since many of us never got to visit Palestine, we were VERY excited to hear what they saw and heard.

Two of them, Mini and Banda, stayed in a small town near Tulkarem with the townspeople, experiencing daily “Palestinian” life, while the other, Kang, stayed in various parts of the region with other international activists, serving as a watchdog for Israeli violence towards Palestinians.

We thought it was too much of a story to share within ourselves, so we had a little “Welcoming Day” where the three of them told their stories. About 20 people came and laughed&cried with us.

Mini personally is a quite famous guy regarding Palestine&general peace movement in Korea, so this time, he got invited to a group talk with schoolteachers, sharing his past 6 years devoted to raising awareness on the injustice and human rights violation in Palestine.

Meanwhile, the South Korean government decided to send troops to Afghanistan again. Since this decision was made during the Anti-Apartheid Wall Week (11.9-16), we launched a campaign in front of the Seoul Station on the weekend, calling for the freezing of further construction & demolition of the Wall. This was followed by a protest against the government’s decision to dispatch troops to support a indeed unjust war.

Watch out for our upcoming December news X)