December 2009

Hey we are back for December updates!

We had two major campaigns in front of the Israeli embassy this month………..

December 6th to 13rd was a week for Right to Water and Sanitation in Palestine, centered around International Human Rights Day (Dec 10th), so we held continuous one person demonstrations throughout the week in front of the Israeli embassy in Seoul

13 organizations including the Palestine Peace Solidarity gathered on the morning of December 27th (1 year from the day of attack on the Gaza Strip last year) to denounce Israel and call for freedom of the Gaza Strip and Palestine in front of the Israeli embassy in Seoul

We are also striving to stop the Korean government from dispatching troops to Afghanistan along with some 60 other organizations while planning various activities for the upcoming year. We are also holding a “Party is Better than War” party to bid farewell to the year 2009 and is planning to countdown to the new year with all those who wish for peace all around the world.

So, a very happy new year to all of you who seek peace:)