2010 Palestine Solidarity Actions in South Korea

-01/09 attending the funeral for Yongsan fire victims

-01/14 reading <Rafeeq – Palestine and I>

-selling the products: sugar, named “the hope of Negros” and organic vegetables from Sangju.

– starting Arab language lessons with ordinary people

– 02/25 film screening day : <Arna’s children>

-03/11 meeting with Japanese activist “Ichi”, about coordinating with Japanese Palestinian Solidarity Activists

– starting high school club activity with students from Jaehyun High School

– 3/20 peace cultural festival with Iraq, <no more war>

– 03/25 film screening day : <9 star hotel>

– 03/30 campaign for “Land day”

– 04/22 meeting with “April”, <Recent Palestine situations and changes>

– 04/23 film screening day : <Gaza-Sderot, Pre-War Chronicles>

– 05/01 Joined Mayday demonstration

– 05/29 Joined the “Human Rights Film Festival in Seoul”

-Protest condemning Israel for the attack on the Gaza freedom flotilla : mobilizing many individuals to sign the statement. Guerilla Protest in front of the Israeli Embassy.

– 06/10 protest condemning Israeli Premier, Simon Perres

– 06/25 public film screening day : <9 star hotel>

– 08/24 volunteer farming in Sangju

– 10/03 Joined the 2010 Peace and Disarmament Fair

– 10/16 Boycott Muji Campaign

– Going to Palestine to participate in the Olive Harvest Campaign

– 11/14 The 8th Week Against the Apartheid Wall Day of Protest

– 11/25 Joined Support Juvenile Activists event

– 12/11 Joined the Women Workers Union’s party