Meeting Day 10/12/16 in Duriban

You can see pictures of the Meeting Day in Picasa web album.


It started at 7: 30 in duriban. and we had a translator 🙂


1) (BGM: Arabic music) Greetings & tell the story of Pal, briefly
2) introducing the arabic foods, and eating time (for 15 min: by Ichi and Amanda(?))
3) introducing the people who told us to come to that day in advance at our site.(
4) reporting activities in 2010 (by 10min video clip, Banda)
5) commemorating 2nd anniversary of Gaza massacre.
-watch 1 video clip, and have some mourning time, and the short speach of Tamer. (15 min)
6) report the activities in Palestine (by YaPing, 30 min –> but it’ll get 50 min with translation, I guess).
–  reporting about the Olive Harvesting Campaign and the situation in Al Arakib village.