Judith Miller speaks about ‘radicalization’ at the 11th Herzliya Conference

I’m really not going to be delicate with this.  Judith Miller comes across as a rascist and an Islamaphobe. She slanders an entire religion as having its roots in radicalism. Her contentions, which she presents in such an earnest manner, defames and dehumanizes a whole people. Here it is:

Miller broke up the process of radicalization into 4 stages, but it sounded more like fearmongering about muslims:

1. Pre-Radicalization: Living in a Muslim community, identifying yourself as Muslim.

2. Self-Identification:  seeking out like minded individuals who share your interpretation of the Koran, who have recieved “a kind of call to action, who want to go beyond what their local Imam or parents are telling them about what their religion commands.”

3. “Indoctrination: after they have found these like-minded individuals , either in reality or virtually, through the internet (insert bizzare rambling about an out-ward bound Muslim camping experience”… gosh this lady is deranged) “they do things that bond them together…to one another, as opposed to the community, in which they live.”

4. And finally we have, Jihadization: “The decision to do something violent in the name of their faith.”

So, to recap:

There are 4 steps to becoming a Jihadi.

Step 1: Be born in a Muslim society. Be a Muslim. You’re already 1/4 of the way to becoming a Jihadi. Congratulations!

Step 2: Make friends with people you can relate with. You’re halfway there and dangerously close to blowing something up.

Step 3: Go camping with your new friends.

Step 4: Carry out a terrorist attack. Congratulations, you made it. It must have been the “outward-bound Muslim camping experience” that pushed you over the edge.

My fingers are embarrassed after paraphrasing her.

Before today I did not know who Judith Miller was. Turns out she’s an American journalist who shares some blame for the American Media’s gutless coverage of the lead up to the Gulf-War. Actually, some may argue that she was vital to the success of the pro-war administration in eliciting public approval for the war.

Alex Pareen of Salon.com puts it as such:

“Since her early days at the Times, when she inserted CIA misinformation into a piece on Libya, she’s always been a tool of power. She was the voice of the Defense Department, embedded at the Times. She was hyping bullshit stories about Iraq’s WMD capabilities as far back as 1998, and in the run-up to the war, her front-page scoops were cited by the Bush administration as evidence that Saddam needed to be taken out, right away.”

The same article reads:

“Now she’s writing — on contract, not full-time — for Newsmax, a goofy right-wing magazine where conservatives you’ve never heard of (and John Stossel, apparently) report, constantly, that Barack Obama is bad and unpopular. It’s a steep fall, and it couldn’t have happened to a worse journalist.”

It’s important to see who pops up at the Herzliya conference, as it is somewhat of an articulation of Israeli Policy, to come. If I didn’t make it clear, already, I think Millers speech is rambling and factually incoherent. I don’t think that many of the Israeli top brass actually believe such things.It goes to show that it doesn’t matter if you have not a shred of proffesional integrity, remaining and your contentions rely more on your audience being bigoted and ignorant than they do on being factually sound.  The Israeli political elite will always have you over if you can present a discourse that, while being completely unfounded and nonsensical, which they can cynically use to justify their crimes.Who’s next? These guys?