The US: Egypt-Iran

See this article on the Obmama Administrations reaction to the Iranian Protests. As the situation has forced Officals to comment on the Egyptian uprising and Iranian protests back-to-back, you can really get a really good illustration of just how selective and insincere the US in it’s support for a people’s democratic struggle.

Hilary Clinton said:

“We support the universal rights of the Iranian people. They deserve to have the same rights” as those demanded by protesters who helped oust Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak “and that are part of their own birthright.”

While Egypt was in the throes of a spontaneous and much larger popular uprising, the US first said nothing, then offered tepid and ambiguous comments, calling on the Egyptian Authorities to exercise Non-Violence. As you can see in previous posts, both the Conservative and Liberal Media in the US ran columns which suggested the Egyptian people would be better off by sticking with Mubarak.

The US Administration’s support for the much smaller Iranian protests was quick and the language much stronger.

This is why: The Government in Iran is one that the US would like to see overthrown. Not becasuse it is authoritarian, but because it threatens US and Israeli strategic interests in the area. Mubarak and his administration, while brutally violent, corrupt and wildly unpopular was a strategic ally of the US.

The cherry on top of it all is that Clinton, apparently without sense of irony, went on to accuse the Iranian Government of being Hypocritical in its professed support for the Egyptian people:

“what we see happening in Iran today is a testament to the courage of the Iranian people and and indictment of the hypocrisy of the Iranian regime, a regime which over the last three weeks has constantly hailed what went on in Egypt.”

By all means,  support the Iranian people in their struggle for democracy, but do so with sincerity and without ulterior motives.