It’s shocking that in such a short period of time, two International Activists have been killed in Palestine. The murder of The Palestinian-Israeli actor Juliano Mer-Khamis and Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni is both tragic and a great blow to the International Solidarity Movement.

It’s so senseless that these people were killed. Read their obituaries. You’ll be inspired by their moral clarity, compassion and bravery. They were, and still are, loved and lauded for these reasons.

Despicably, Zionists and apologists for Israel’s crimes have jumped on these tragedies with the aim of exploiting them (I feel bad about even linking to this blog,) and trying to drive a wedge between Palestinians and the International Solidarity Movement, calling Arrigoni “Naive” and suggesting that this is what you get if you “lay down with snakes”. This is the kind of bile-filled rubbish that can be expected from those who seek to defend the occupation.

The sense I get from all I have seen and read, is that Palestinians feel they have lost one of their own.

Gaza after Arrigoni’s death (Video by Mohammed Al Majdalawi)