Rainbow Warriors: Israel’s Gay Hasbara, Sabotage… and a lot of boats

The Israeli Government is in hysterics over the incoming flotilla, which is now docked in Athens and waiting to set out. The flotilla plans on breaking the Israeli blockade of Gaza and delivering aid and letters of solidarity. Perhaps fearing that the International Community may not be prepared to witness another massacre, like last year (during which Israeli Commandos killed 9 Activists, including an American citizen), Israel seems to be pulling out all the stops.

For one, there is the recent and disgusting Israeli-Government linked hoax video released.

The video, which contains a supposed gay activist, who was turned away from joining the flotilla in view of his homosexuality, has been outed as a fake, and the ” gay rights activist”, is it “Chris?”, has been revealed to be a Tel-Aviv based actor. Credit goes to journalist Max Blumenthal and Benjamin Doherty for uncovering the hoax. Check out the the story here!

If propaganda doesn’t work, there are always more direct ways to go about things. It became apparent, yesterday that the the Irish ship has been sabotaged and will not be able to join the flotilla. You can see the video here:

Israel has, of course, denied any doing in either cases. However, I am suggesting that in lieu of Israel’s previous actions (the extrajudicial assassinations, the spying on its American “allies” and identity theft of disabled New Zealanders) it is fairly reasonable to suggest that these are denials and nothing more.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Government, and in this case the media, insists that its collective punishment of 450,000 people is well within its rights. Check out this heated debate on Crosstalk. Ali Abunimah (Electronic Intifada), Chris Gunnes (of UNRWA) and Yaacov Katz (Jerusalem Post), on the blockade and flotilla: