Weapons of Mass Deportation (by the experts)

Good report from the Real News on the recent ‘Flytilla’. Hundreds of Activists have been invited by Palestinian Groups in Israel to fly into the country. Most of the Activists were prevented from leaving their own countries. The rest have been interrogated and deported.

Perhaps one of the most vile aspects of the spectacle is the fact that Israeli Activists, who showed up to greet the International Activists, have been arrested.  A number of journalists who came to cover the story were also detained for… ‘security reasons’ …whatever that means.

Larry Derfner, a left-wing contributor to the Jerusalem Post was also arrested on the scene. Passers-by who spat on, attempted to attack, and harrassed the activists were, of course, ignored by the Police.

Israel claims to be a democracy, while it arrests journalists and activists who are trying to bring about change in their own society. Someone needs to tell the apologists that you can’t be a democracy if you suspend peoples basic freedoms based on their ethnicity and ideology. But then again, people HAVE  been telling them.