Palestine this Week

Unknown group kills 8 Israelis. Israel reacts by killing 14 Gazans (3 Children), 3 Egyptian Policemen

8 Israelis were killed in a series of attacks on Thursday North on the Southern city of Eliat. According to Haaretz:

“The first attack, at around 12 P.M., was a drive-by shooting targeting Egged bus 392 traveling from Be’er Sheva to Eilat, near the Netafim junction.

Shortly afterward, IDF forces rushed to the scene and were faced with several explosive devices that were detonated alongside an IDF vehicle.

At approximately 12:35, a mortar was fired from Egypt to Israel. No casualties were reported.

At 1:10 P.M., a terrorist cell fired an anti-tank missile at a private vehicle, wounding seven.

Minutes later, another cell fired an anti-tank missile at a private vehicle, killing six.

The IDF Spokesman reported that two to four terrorists were killed during the clashes.

According to reports, the terrorists in the car opened fire at the Egged bus, which carried a significant number of soldiers leaving their bases for the weekend.”

Israel responded by bombing Gaza and killing 14 people (including a 2 year old child), among which was the leader of a group called “The popular Resistance Committees”, which Netanyahu had blamed for the attacks. The group, along with Hamas, denied any involvement in the attacks. The following video is of Gazans carrying victims to amubulances and the general panic and confusion following the bombing.

See pictures of some of the victims here. WARNING: Pictures are graphic.

IDF Lt. Colonel Avital Leibovitz did not second the Prime Minister’s assertion that this group was responsible for the attacks. She did say, however, that the IDF knows the terrorists came from Gaza. How? Well, including ‘intelligence information’ (which I’m sure is ‘top secret’) Leibovitz offered the fact that many of the attackers used Kalashnikov rifles and bullets, which are ‘popular in Gaza’. Please see the below video:

Israel also killed 5 Egyptian Police at the Egyptian border (by way of missile attack), causing the Egyptian Ambassador to withdraw from Israel and for Egypt to demand an official apology.

All of this takes place during continued anti-Government protests inside Israel. A fact that no doubt influences the Government’s course of action.



Pisgat Zeev settlement in East Jerusalem Hosts racist Rabbi

The Israeli Government has drawn flack from the PA for allowing the illegal settlement of Pisgat Zeev to host a conference headed by the notorious Rabbi Yitzshak Shapiro.  According to Maan News:

“The conference was hosted by Rabbi Yitzshak Shapiro, a co-author of the notoriously racist “King’s Torah”, and called for halting construction of a Palestinian school in between Pisgat Zeev and Nabi Taakov settlements in East Jerusalem, as well as preventing Jewish girls from dating Arab men.”



Israeli soldiers shoot disabled Palestinian to death

Tuesday 16th August: Israeli soldiers have shot 17 year old, disabled Palestinian boy, Sa’d Abdul Rahim Mahmoud Al-Majdalwai.  The teen was killed by 10 gunshot wounds to his head and upper body. The boy was fired upon while 400 metres away from the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel and was not in a prohibited area. This leads us to believe the youth was shot at for no reason.



Video on Anti-Arab sentiment in Israel

The following video concerns a survey regarding Anti-Arab sentiment in Israel. The study was carried out by two LA-based documentary film-makers.

Eli Unger-Sargon, one of the film-makers, said:

“One of the most disturbing trends that we noticed was the strong correlation between age and anti-Arab sentiment. The majority of Israeli teenagers that we spoke to expressed unabashed and open racism towards Arabs. Statements like “I hate them,” or “they should all be killed” were common in this age group.”