Palestine this week

Attacks on Gaza continue

Israel’s relentless bombing of Gaza has continued. As of yesterday the death toll has risen to over 20 dead (having trouble confirming an exact number), countless injured and incredible damage to infrastructure. According to Doctors, injuries have been nothing like they’ve seen before and there have been suggestions that the IDF is using some kind of new weapon. The following video shows some of the damage to infrastructure and civilian buildings, which included a kindergarten and a sports club.

There are photos available here.

The attacks followed the death of some 8 Israeli civilians and military in Eliat, last week. The Israeli Government or Military has not presented any evidence linking the attackers to Gaza, yet have continued this deadly bombing campaign, which doesn’t seem to be getting nearly as much media coverage as Steve Jobs. This is a crime against us all.


Olive Revolution attacked

Yesterday 200 Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals symbolically knocked on the doors of Jerusalem to protest the Israeli Policy of denying Palestinians entrance to Jerusalem and the efforts to alter demographic realities in Jerusalem, which Israel sees as its future capital. The press release of the “Olive Revolution” said:

“We from the Olive Revolution (popular revolution and national humanitarian non-armed revolution against the Israeli occupation) start the campaign ‘knocking on doors of Jerusalem’ Part of Jerusalem week activities as a response to all the Israeli policies of Judaizing Jerusalem and systematically denying Palestinians entry to the occupied city. We state that Jerusalem will remain the jewel of the Arabs and capital of our future country. Jerusalem is the symbol of our pride and our national dignity that’s why we are going to knock on its doors by popular demonstrations and non-violent activities which start with the Friday prayers on the 26th of August 2011.

We are planning to knock on four doors:

  1. 1.      The Northern section Qalandia.
    2. The Western section of the Apartheid Wall in the village of Biddu, northwest of Jerusalem.
    3. The Eastern door in Shufat.
    4. The Southern door at Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem.”

One of the activists at the Northern section of Qalandia provided this account of the protest:

Today, Muslims who were stuck at Qalandia did their prayer there in front of the soldiers, there was a fatwa from their sheikh there that if they pray at the closest point they can get to Jerusalem, it will count as if they prayed in al-Aqsa. This fatwa was to motivate Palestinians to not give up and to keep fighting for their right to enter Jerusalem.

After the prayers, everyone stood up, one hand, and chanted against Israeli occupation and symbolically knocked on Jerusalem’s doors as they knocked on the fence between them and the soldiers (Jerusalem is only few meters away). Some guys removed the fence from in front of the soldiers and threw it behind…”

After an IDF soldier spat on a protestor from a tower, a rock was thrown at the tower. What follows was an aggressive display of force against the protestors using tear gas and possibly (probably) live bullets.

Read the rest of the activist’s account here.



Wikileaks cable shows Lierbaerman’s call for ethnic cleansing

Wikileaks has released a cable that shows a 2006 meeting between Richard Jones (then US Ambassador to Israel) and Avigdor Lieberman, current Israeli Foreign Minister. In the cable, Lierberman outlines his desire to have Palestinians separated from Jews, and the remaining ones to be forced to take loyalty oaths. Read it here.



Honduras recognizes Palestinian State

Following El Salvador’s decision on Thursday, Honduras has also recognized Palestine as an independent state, based on 1967 borders and has promised to support its push for full UN Membership, which the US has promised to veto. There are currently 120 countries which recognise Palestine as an independent state.



Horrific glimpse into Israel’s interrogation of children

British Newspaper, The Independent, viewed footage of cruel and terrifying interrogation of a Palestinian child. This is a must read.