Israel to become South Korea’s main arms supplier?

A recent article published by “Weekly Blitz” has suggested that Israel is set to become South Korea’s main arms supplier. As you may find from reading the article, the last 2 years has seen a staggering amount of almost $400 million USD worth of military acquisitions made by South Korea, in Israel. On top of that, there are still large deals to be approved between the two countries.

A list of recent purchases can be seen here:


-Airborne electronic warfare suites for its CN-235 transports US$ 11 million (IAI)

-Integrated electronic warfare suites for South Korea’s fleet of Lockheed Martin C-130H tactical transports $25 million (Elisra)

-Early warning equipment for four prototype Korea Aerospace Industries F/A-50 strike aircraft, including advanced radar warning receiver as well as chaff and flare dispensers. US$7 million (Elisra)

This table shows the increase of Israeli Military imports to South Korea over time. This table was presented to students at Israel's Hebrew University as part of a lecture by the South Korean ambassador to Israel.


-EL/M 2032 Multimode Fire Control Radar system for the ROK’s FA/TA-50 training jet. US$ 280 million (IAI)

-Currently, Elta, Elisra and Elbit are working on a project to modify the South Korean made T-50 Golden Eagle, from a trainer to an Assault Aircraft. According to the article:

“The IAI’s Elta produces the radar for the plane’s assault version; Elisra produces its electronic warfare system, and Elbit – some of the avionics systems.”

The Israeli Airforce actually has plans to purchase Korea’s T-50 “Golden Eagle”. Read about it here!

BNC Embargo

Recently, the BNC (a coalition of Palestinian Trade Unions, Civil Society Groups and NGOs) called for an immediate and comprehensive military embargo on Israel. The embargo would include an embargo on importing Israel military equipment.

The stated aims of the BNC are to push Israel towards:

1. Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands (1967) and dismantling the Wall;

2. Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and

3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194.

Corporate Ethics

However, whatever one’s views are on the broader political and human rights issues, brought up by the BNC (for the record we can’t see why anyone wouldn’t support them), there is also a clear issue of corporate ethics, due to the nature of the companies that South Korea has chosen to do business with.

The character of the companies mentioned in the article ( Elta being a wholly owned subsidiary of IAI , and Elisra  a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit.) can be examined by looking at the  2 ‘Mother Companies’, IAI and Elbit.)


-Supplies Drones, fighter jets and missiles. IAI’s products are clearly implicated in 2008-2009 Assault on Gaza or “Operation Cast Lead,” in which some 1,400 Gazans were killed (including some 300 children). Human Rights Watch reported that during the assult 29 civilians, alone,  were unlawfully killed by drones.

-Provides Surveillance Equipment for the “Apartheid Wall”. The Wall, commonly and misleadingly referred to as the West Bank “Barrier”, has been condemned by the International Court of Justice as being illegal. The ICJ, in 2004, called on Israel to dismantle the wall. Israel and has ignored this and continued on with the construction of the wall. Read more here.

IAI's "Heron UAV" (Drone). Human Rights watch Reported that at least 29 Palestinian civilians were murdered in drone strikes during Israel's assault on Gaza in 2008-2009


-Like IAI, Elbit produces Drones which have been used to kill Palestinian Civilians.

-Elbit provides “Intrusion Detection Systems” for use on the Apartheid wall. The company also provides surveillance equipment for the Ariel Settlement. Israeli Settlements have been deemed illegal by the ICJ due to the fact that they violate Article 49.6 of the 4th Geneva Convention, which prohibits the transfer of an occupying power’s own civilian population into the territory that power occupies.

-In 2009 Elbit was dropped by Norway’s Pension fund, due to its involvement in the Occupied Territories. The Norweigan Government cited ethical concerns, with the finance Minister saying:

“We do not wish to fund companies that so directly contribute to violations of international humanitarian law.”

The Apartheid Wall, contributed to by both Elbit and IAI, has been condemned as illegal by the International Court of Justice

What does the Future Hold?

South Korea and Israel are moving ever closer. A Free Trade Agreement under consideration, the two countries also seek to strenghten Cooperation in the feild of Scientific Research (this issue will be addressed in a later post).

According to the article, Kwon Oh-bong (the vice commissioner of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration) said,

“The South Korean defense budget stands at US $30 billion, and the military acquisition budget stands at US$ 10 billion and grows as time goes by on the backdrop of the situation. In the past few years we have purchased in Israel the Green Pine radar and the Harpy UAV. The United States has been our main arms supplier for years, but in recent years Israel has become a key acquisition source together with European countries.”

Further military trade between the two countries would not only put South Korea at odds with Palestinian Civil Society’s call for International Support, but would also see a great proportion of South Korea’s military budget being pumped directly into companies like Elbit and IAI.


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  1. I’d like to see your organization’s position on regimes far worse than that of Israel’s. Hamas (the P.A. partners of the Palestinian coalition) may come across in your world as noble oppressed people struggling for justice but if you read their charter or constitution, you will see that it calls for the complete destruction, of , not only Israel as a Jewish state (where non Jewish citizens are equal under the law) but for the destruction of Jewish people (not just Israelis) world wide. Understandably, Israel maintains a blockade. No country would give a military advantage to an organization pledging it’s complete destruction. Further more S. Korea needs to bolster it’s defenses against the world’s number three worst human rights abuser. N. Korea. Israeli firms provide S. Korea with the kind of innovative technology like the Spike system and so on, to deter N. Korean belligerence and if need be, respond to provocations with pin point accuracy, avoiding dangerous escalation.

    What do you think of N. Korea’s position on the “mongrelisation” of S. Korea’s bloodline purity through mixed marriages and multiculturalism.? It’s a page out of Heimrich Himmler;s SS. Any respectable peace organization would call for a boycott of them, as well as Israel’s neighbours who are killing thousands of their own people at this moment, just for protesting their leadership.

    1. Steven,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Firstly, the reason why we do not have a campaign to boycott Iran or North Korea is simple enough. We are a Palestinian Solidarity Group. We are not Amnesty International and we cannot focus on every Human Rights Issue in the world. We specialize on Palestine.

      You’re not the first Israel supporter to try to damage the credibility of a Palestinian Solidarity Group by attempting to associate them with regimes like North Korea and Iran and I suspect you wont be the last. We do, however, welcome you to submit to us any evidence of our “Idolisation” of or support for North Korea, Iran or Hamas.

      Regarding the Hamas Charter, it’s best to keep in mind that it was written 23 years ago and that Hamas’ Leader, Khaled Meshal, has referred to the charter as being “a piece of history” and “no longer relevant.” He also stated, just 2 years ago, that:

      “the Hamas government had agreed to accept a Palestinian state that followed the 1967 borders and to offer Israel a long-term hudna, or truce, if Israel recognized the Palestinians’ national rights” )
      and that: “Our conflict is not with the Jews, our problem is with the occupation,”

      If you read around a little more you can find more evidence to support this. Rather than continuing to quote the Hamas Charter (an old and, yes, an Anti-Semitic Text) because it makes a good talking point, I suggest you look at Hamas’ more recent documents, announcements and actions.

      You might find the Likud Platform interesting, though. It’s 11 years more recent than the Hamas Charter and unlike Hamas, which has distanced itself from its charter in recent years, Likud has continued settlement construction in the Occupied West Bank, in accordance with its’ Platform.

      This brings us to the question ‘Why should Israel be a Jewish State’ if 20% of the population are Non-Jews?’ We can understand why Palestinians do not want to live in a Jewish State, especially when the Palestinian birth rate is pushing that 20% up and up towards that of the Jewish population.

      As for your contention that the Palestinian Minority in Israel are equal under law, we turn your attention to this excellent Report by The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel ( After reading the Report (we know its long, but have a thumb through it) we hope you can agree that (at the very least) there is a quite acute problem of institutionalized discrimination against the Palestinian Minority in Israel.

      We do not doubt that Israeli Technology helps South Korea to defend its border from North Korea and have not made any claims to the contrary. Rather, the article is suggesting that military support for Israel is counter-productive for Peace in the Middle East and is un-ethical. Furthermore, Israel is not the sole manufacturer of Weapons Technologies on the planet. South Korea can, and should, take its business elsewhere.

      Thanks again. I hope our response has been helpful.

      1. Thank you for clarifying your position and naturally we cannot debate the entire history of the world here but just a couple of sticking points. A twenty three year old constitution is not terribly old. It will be difficult enough to find common ground between Israel and P.A. of Mahmud Abbas who is a credible and smart negotiating partner. Hamas however is a big white elephant the room. They maintain strong military connections to the Iranian regime who have stated their goal of eliminating the Jewish state from the map. They back up this desire by promoting Holocaust denial and Zionist conspiracy theories, all the while claiming they have little against actual Jewish people. There are splinter groups in Gaza who’s ties to Hamas are not well understood by the outside world, who will likely continue their criminal rocket and other attacks against any random Israeli target. Israel will respond. If this happens post Palestinian statehood, Hamas (or the P.A.) can form alliances with Israel’s unfriendly neighbours who will be obliged to intervene. That would result in a huge Mid East war that could go nuclear.

        Why a Jewish state. This being the ancient homeland of the Jewish People not withstanding, it’s that “little” event called the Holocaust. Did it happen? to deny it (as Mahmud Abbas did in his earlier years) is a declaration of hatred against a people. I’ve net many people in my youth who survived it, and have a few ancestors myself who died in it. The world at that time did little stop it or allow Jewish refugees into their country. “Nice countries” like Canada and Switzerland were among the least helpful. The global community also did little to prevent the Holocausts in Rwanda and Cambodia if that is of any help. When a few surviving Jews tried to return to their now occupied homes in places like Post war Poland, the killing continued. Maybe in my next reply I’ll touch on how horribly Jews have been treated in many (but certainly not all) Muslim Jurisdictions. And please, familiarize yourself with the current plight of Romma peoples in eastern Europe. Post Holocaust, these folks have no nation or powerful army as the Jewish people fortunately do.

        If you feel you must boycott Israel, at least do it right, like stop using a cell phone, or notebook computer. Please enjoy this video on how to boycott Israel properly

        Sincerely Steven

      2. Stephen,

        To be honest, we’re not really interested in spending a lot of time responding to someone who tries to link us with Iran-Fails, overplays the Hamas Charter-Fails, and then tries to salvage their initial claims with the contention that “they have a close military relationship to Iran” and that people on “the outside” don’t understand about the ties between Hamas and other Terrorist Groups (are you on the “inside?”).

        In regards to Hamas:

        You’re quite right, Hamas is an ‘Elephant in the room.’ It is here to stay and efforts to oversimplify the diversity if views within the Party and reduce it to a Terrorist Organization is in no way conducive to a just peace in Palestine. The fact of the matter is that Hamas has, for the past few years, observed a ceasefire and has not attacked Israel. It is better to analyse Hamas from its current actions (or lack there-of), documents and statements rather than from the Hamas Charter or by playing 6 degrees of separation with Iran.

        In Regards to a Jewish State:

        We could have sworn we wrote something about the population of Israel and future projections, and questioned wether it is permissible to create an ethnocracy when 20% of the Israeli population is actually Arab. You must have not seen it.

        As for the Holocaust, it wasn’t a ‘little thing’ at all. 6 million Jews were put to death. One of humanities greatest lows as far as we’re concerned here. A note on Zionist immigration to and colonization of Palestine, though. It actually begun much earlier and was mostly in response to dreadful anti-Jewish pogroms ( that swept across Europe (Russia in particular) in the 19th Century. It was actually the Dreyfuss Affair ( in France which prompted Zionism’s founding Father (Joseph Herzl) to write ‘The Jewish State’ (I recommend it. It’s not all that long, either). Regardless of the horrors of both the Pogroms and the Holocaust should in no way serve as a rational or excuse for the crimes Israel visits upon Palestinians.
        No one is asking Israelis to leave Palestine. Simply to construct a State that does not favour one ethnic/religious group over another.

        In regards to your ancestry:

        Your Ancestry is not relevant and the fact that you bring it up shows your intent to personalize this issue rather than to remain objective about historical and political realities of the situation.

        In regards to the Romani people:

        Really? You’re drawing an incredibly long bow here. by Zionist logic, they should be given a home in Rajasthan in the Indian peninsula (their ancient homeland) and declare it the official state of the Romani people, regardless of the presence of an indigenous Indian population there. They could then offer any one of Romani Heritage the right to immigrate there (regardless of never having set foot in the place), while limiting the indigenous Indian population’s freedom of movement and basic rights. We could go on with the parallels, but hey.

        Conversely, by decent humanist logic, there should be better efforts made by Governments to integrate the Romani into the specific societies which have made it their business to discriminate against them. There are issues like Forced Repatriation, healthcare, education, discrimination to be considered. But as we said, we are not Amnesty International and we are not focused on the Romani issue.
        However, it is clear, at least to some, that establishing what is essentially an apartheid state that caters to its subjects based on their Ethnicity/Religion, while excluding the Indigenous Population… is wrong.
        By the way, Israel doesn’t care about the Romani, either. Well, under the rascist “Law of Return” Romani which are also Jewish or have Jewish family members can make Aliyah to Israel, but if you’re not Jewish then… tough luck, right?

        In regards to BDS:

        As for the video, thanks for the laugh. I’m serious. We were genuinely amused. However, I think you may have missed the point of the Global Boycott Movement. Although we, of course, can’t boycott EVERY Israeli product (like Intel Chips) the boycott is not an ends in itself, neither does it target “Jewish Companies”. It is simply part of a strategy to pressure Israel into compliance with International Law. Here’s some information about the movement that might clear up some misconceptions you may have had:

  2. My point about Romani peoples, or Gypsies as they are commonly referred to, is little more than pointing out the comparisons between two minority groups in Europe who were both hunted down to near extinction during the Second World War. Post war, One group gained a state and one did not. The latter remains dependant on international organizations to work on their behalf. The former has significant economic, diplomatic and military power, sufficient to airlift their members out of harms way should there be a situation that calls for it.

    I cannot prescribe a course of action for the Romani people, but should they decide they’ve had enough of being stateless and persecuted, and wanted to carve out a republic for themselves, there would be much conflict and suffering in the process. They would be in violation of international law, seen as being discriminatory and even worse, would likely fail. Alternately they can wait for international resolutions to be drafted that would still rely on locals to oversee these fairness guidelines. The boots of a racist skinhead youth move a lot faster than international resolutions.

    So yes, Zionism can discriminate (though many Zionists work hard not to). It can violate international law. The law of a community of nations and people who were usually unable and unwilling to to prevent the huge scale genocides of the 20th century, on going pogroms of past eras, and beyond. The best we can all do is to encourage all sides to the negotiating table and reduce our tendencies to point fingers and call for boycotts. There’s plenty of blood of innocents on the hands of Palestinian militants as well and much more would have spilled had they possessed a better weapons and support from state sponsors of terrorism. Now is the time for a solution.


    1. Stephen,

      What about Palestinians?
      It’s one thing to say that a displaced people should be given their own state. The problem, though, is what to do with the indigenous population. Zionism originally sought to ignore the existence of the Indigenous people of Palestine. Hence the frequently quoted Zionist Maxim: “A land without people, for a people without land.” The same logic has carried on and drives those who seek to advocate the idea of a “Jewish State.” When advocating for an Ethnocracy, it is of the upmost importance to downplay the devastation and suffering that colonialism, occupation and apartheid have on an indigenous population. It’s best not to consider them at all. This is why, we presume, you did not address the report that we sent you, concerning the rights of the Arab Minority in Israel. This is why there has been no will shown on your part to confront the burgeoning reality that 20% of Israel’s citizens are, and have been for decades, second-class citizens because they are not Jewish. Finally, this is why you mention that in the “carving out” of a hypothetical “Romani Republic” (on inhabited land) there would be “Much Suffering”, but you see this as ultimately necessary in the end.

      You’re incensed by the tardiness of International Law and Institutions to put an end to discrimination against the Romani, yet you are quite happy to tell Palestinians to refrain from boycotts, to calm down and to put their faith in a process that has been going on for 40 years and has brought them nothing but the theft of their land, lives, human rights and dignity. You view International Institutions with such disdain, yet you fully buy into the idea that a just peace will be achieved through negotiations which take place alongside the rapid construction of illegal settlements in the West Bank. Here look, Israel just approved 1,100 new illegal new homes for settlers in East Jerusalem ( The settlements are not recognised by the International Community, as they violate both the 4th Geneva Convention and the Hague Regulations. Unfortunately, some like to think of Israel as being a nation above the law. However, we do not, which is precisely why we support a boycott against Israel. To have it comply with International Law, like any nation should.

  3. I do not doubt the basic integrity of your organization as of yet. Your sources are not misleading ones and you do demonstrate a solid understand the some of the history and needless suffering of world Jewry. BDS however is problematic. They (you?) advocate the so called “Palestinian Right of Return”. This is a de facto way to terminate the existence of the state of Israel as a Jewish state. All relevant parties understand that this is now totally defunct in the “Quartet” and something Israel will never accept on pain of death. If your organization advocates U.N. Res. 194 than you technically belong in the “Wipe Israel off the Map” category. Encouraging Palestinians to settle for nothing less then 194 is simply not fair to them or Israel as it will simply prolong suffering on both sides. May I also remind you how lopsided that suffering will be on the part of the Palestinians or any hostile dictatorship that tries to intervene military in the name of Palestinian advocacy.

    Honestly, I don’t have any qualms about your raw data. It’s the conclusions formed which are problematic. “Colonialism”! I think Obama made it clear in Africa several years ago that harping about “Colonialism” is counterproductive and Africa should look to S. Korea for a role model. Anti Colonialism is in our current day and age is a buzzword for some of the world’s most murderous and corrupt leaders to carry out bloodthirsty retribution against any perceived descent. From unaccountable revolutionary militias springing up in once prosperous Venezuela to Robert Mugabe’s N. Korean trained death squads, all the way to Tehran’s “religious crimes” execution centers…etc. Anti colonialism indeed

    Are you also going to call for a world wide boycott against China? Is their cultural (and a little bit of physical) genocide against, and occupation of, Tibet, also something you feel as passionately that international law ought to redress. How about including Russia in this boycott of yours over Chechnya?

    As for the question of information vs conclusions, Given the double standards and inconsistencies of de facto international law, It’s easy to see how the overwhelming majority of Israelis and their supporters in the Jewish diaspora feel about the permanent continuation of Israel as a Jewish state. Add Al Qaeda to the global mix and that just seals the deal. Only a two state solution will do, with Palestinians having a contiguous link to some part of E. Jerusalem, secure (probably high speed rail) access between Gaza and West Bank) and mutually agreeable land swaps based on, but not rigidly limited to, the pre 1967 boundaries. This alone will be difficult enough to achieve, but for the Palestinian leadership to insist on Israel making existentially dangerous concessions will greatly prolong suffering in the region. This is not good Palestinian advocacy in my opinion.


    1. Stephen,
      Apologies, but this will be our final response on this post. We are moving on with our work and feel we have been more than accommodating to your queries.

      Re: Why we are not boycotting China

      You ask again if we are going to boycott China or North Korea. We tell you again that we are a Palestinian Solidarity Group! Why are you asking a Palestinian Solidarity Group about their views on Tibet? We do not focus on China, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Libya, Latvia, French Guinea, Kazakhstan or any other country. We already explained this to you in our first response. Sorry, but we like to keep dialogue “to the point” and not in continual repetition.”

      Re: Colonialism

      Barak Obama has said a lot of things. A lot of them we don’t agree with. He recently gave a speech at the UN that was so Pro-Israel it even impressed Avigdor Leiberman. You would have as good a chance as trying to win us over with quotes from Ze’ev Jabotinsky.
      But ok. We get it. Palestinian Peace and Solidarity in South Korea “Harp on about colonialism” People like Mugabe used Anti-Colonial Discourse to justify horrible things. Therefore:
      Palestinian Peace and Solidarity in South Korea =Robert Mugabe.
      Seriously though, We feel the term is justified and bring your attention to a 2009 Report commissioned by The Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa (HSRC). The Report, which was the end result of 15 months of research in the Occupied Territories by an International Team of Scholars and Legal Experts, found that the Israeli practices in the OTs constituted both Apartheid and Colonialism. Here is an excerpt from the study, titled: Occupation, Colonialism, Apartheid? A re-assessment of Israel’s practices in the occupied Palestinian territories under international law :

      “the terms of the Declaration on Colonialism indicate that a situation may be classified as colonial when the acts of a State have the cumulative outcome that it annexes or otherwise unlawfully retains control over territory and thus aims permanently to deny its indigenous population the exercise of its right to self-determination. Five issues, which are unlawful in themselves, taken together make it evident that Israel’s rule in the OPT has assumed such a colonial character: namely, violations of the territorial integrity of occupied territory; depriving the population of occupied territory of the capacity for self-governance; integrating the economy of occupied territory into that of the occupant; breaching the principle of permanent sovereignty over natural resources in relation to the occupied territory; and denying the population of occupied territory the right freely to express, develop and practice its culture.”

      #The rest of the Report is available here:

      The Right of Return:

      Yes. We support it. We find no good reason why refugees should not be able to return to their homes. You, obviously, do not. However, you probably support Israel’s “Law of Return”, right (we’re assuming, but are willing to be corrected)? We find this hypocritical in the extreme.

      Regarding: “If your organization advocates U.N. Res. 194 than you technically belong in the “Wipe Israel off the Map” category.”

      A bit Hysterical, don’t you think? Anyway, you’ve taken a doctored quote from Iran’s President and have tried to apply it to our organization. Firstly, we thought you might benefit from a little more information about the original quote. Here is Muhammad Sahimi, professor of chemical engineering at the University of Southern California, and an expert on Iran’s nuclear program regarding the quote:
      “Here is the exact translation of what Ahmadinejad said:
      “The Imam [Ayatollah Khomeini] said this regime, occupying Jerusalem, must vanish from the page of time.”
      Note that:
      1. This is what Khomeini said. He had said it years earlier, and at that time no one took it seriously.
      2. He said “this regime,” not Jews,
      3. He did not say “must be destroyed,” rather “must disappear.”
      What he meant was that Israel’s regime and political system “must” disappear, akin to what happened in the Soviet Union, where the regime disappeared without bloodshed. In fact, Khomeini, in a famous letter to Gorbachev, had made that prediction.
      Now, people may argue that this is a hostile statement against Israel which it surely is. But it in no way supports the claims which have been made in its name that Iran has called for the destruction of Israel, that Iran plans to use its supposed nuclear weapons against Israel, etc. None of this is true.”
      #You can find the rest of this article on Richard Silverstein’s blog:
      Now, does supporting the right of Palestinian Refugees mean we want to destroy Jews or Israel? No. Of course not. We just think refugees deserve to go home. However, If refugees are allowed to return to the homes lost (many were driven out) during the 48 and 67 wars, this may cause the population of Israel to become more Arab than Jewish. This is your fear. How would a Jewish State continue to be Jewish when the majority of the citizens are not Jewish? Our answer is: “It would not be a Jewish State.” It would be a state in which afforded the same benefits and freedoms to all, regardless of Ethnicity, Language or Religion. This is generally what democratic nations are meant to be like. Because we believe that the desire for a “Jewish State” in a country that, until they were chased out, was predominately Arab, should not be given precedence over the right of refugees to return to their homes or the right of Non-Jewish Citizens of Israel to enjoy the full benefits of citizenship.

      The Jewish State (again):

      We’ve mentioned a couple of time now why we do not support a “Jewish State.” :
      “We can understand why Palestinians do not want to live in a Jewish State, especially when the Palestinian birth rate is pushing that 20% up and up towards that of the Jewish population.
      As for your contention that the Palestinian Minority in Israel are equal under law, we turn your attention to this excellent Report by The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel ( After reading the Report (we know its long, but have a thumb through it) we hope you can agree that (at the very least) there is a quite acute problem of institutionalized discrimination against the Palestinian Minority in Israel.”
      We were interested as to your response regarding this, but never received one. You mentioned that “Given the double standards and inconsistencies of de facto international law, It’s easy to see how the overwhelming majority of Israelis and their supporters in the Jewish Diaspora feel about the permanent continuation of Israel as a Jewish state.” But this seems like you and people who think like you are upset that International Law doesn’t allow you to impose an Ethnocracy on Non-Jewish citizens in Israel. Whites in South Africa didn’t want Apartheid to end, either.

      “This is not good Palestinian Advocacy in my opinion”

      We’re well aware. This is because, what we are advocating for Palestinians, you do not think they deserve.

      In Conclusion:

      Please understand that are a busy organization and cannot spend vast amounts of time replying to your questions/accusations… which have a tendency to repeat themselves. In the meantime we are working on an FAQ section for our website, which might interest you. We’ve tried to provide you with some sources and reference material which you might find useful in your continued research regarding Israel/Palestine. Best of luck with that.

  4. In 2003, Iran named it’s new assault rifle Khybar. This is a city in the Arabian peninsula inhabited by Jews up till the 7th century. It was ethnically clense of it’s Jews after that point and time. We can forgive ancient civilizations of ignorance and brutality typical of the day. But Please, Tom, can you tell our readers why in this day and time, If Iran is feeling so benevolent toward Jews, why they would name their assault rifle after a place where Jews were brutally driven out of their homeland? Why did Hezbollah name their rockets, used in the war against Israel in 2006 Khybar? Does this not represent something threatening and racist?

    1. A) Nobody claimed Iran was feeling benevolent towards anyone. We simply shared a link regarding the origins of a widely disseminated mis-translation. Thought you might be interested considering you seem to use it often.
      B) This post is not about Iran, we both mentioned Iran in passing… remember? This is about BDS and why you don’t think it is good Palestinian Advocacy. You could not respond directly to the arguments and sources we provided you with regarding BDS and the situation in Palestine, so now you look towards Iran. Many of the members of our organization may have individual opinions and knowledge regarding Iran, but as a whole we are not concerned with that nation.
      C) May we direct you to:
      D) As mentioned in the previous post, we cannot indulge you any longer. Have a nice day.

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