Action against the Sale of T-50 Jets to Israel

Yesterday’s Action against the planned sale of South Korean  “T-50 Golden Eagle” Supersonic Jets to the Israeli Airforce was a huge success. The Public responded in an overwhelmingly positive manner to our cause.

Voting against the sale

Setting up in one of the busiest areas of the City, we invited passers-by to vote on whether or not they thought South Korea should sell its T-50 Golden Eagle Jets to Israel’s Military. We explained to the public that although the sale would bring prestige to South Korea’s rising Aerospace Industry, there is a price to be paid. Once this is done, South Korea will find itself in the position of having armed Israel with the means to continue its brutalization of the Palestinian people. We also asked people to consider the fact that Palestinian Civil Society has issued a call for assistance from the International Community in the form of a recent  call for a Military Embargo against Israel.

We heard thoughts, both for and against the sale, from the public. However, the overwhelming majority of participants voted against the sale. Many were even surprised that South Korea plans to sell the T-50 jets to Israel.

Our action had 3 goals. Firstly, we wanted to educate the public about the planned sale. As mentioned, many were unaware that this was even going on. Secondly, we wanted to see whether or not the public was supportive of the sale or not. Lastly, we wanted to demonstrate that the public do have a stake and a voice in this, by giving people the opportunity to express their position.

By the end of the day, the number of votes against the sale far outnumbered the votes for the sale.

We at Palestinian Peace and Solidarity, oppose the sale, which has been arranged and facilitated by the South Korean Government’s Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA). We firmly believe that peace in the region cannot and will not be achieved through arming Israel with South Korean manufactured weapons of war. We believe this will result in further escalation, death and destruction.

Please vote on the issue here:    1. to oppose the sale, 2. to support the sale. You must have a Twitter Account to vote

Performance in opposition to the sale.

P.s. Stay tuned as we plan to have the video of the day’s action up as soon as possible.

2011-09-24 Campaign Against T-50 Sale to Israelt

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