Land Day 2012

South Korea – On March 30 every year, Palestinian people from all over the world will commemorate the land day, in remembrance of the Israeli government’s announcement of a plan to expropriate the land of the Palestinian people for the security and settlement projects.

This year, a global event took place in support of the struggle. A global march was held all over the world on the last day of March. The global solidarity march was created by Global March to Jerusalem calling for all peace activists and groups to join the worldwide solidarity. It is learnt, more than 50 international NGOs from Europe and Asia joined the solidarity march. In Seoul, several local human rights and peace groups such as Palestine Peace Solidarity and Nanum Munhwa, organized a peaceful rally adhere by local individuals and foreigners who believed in the cause.

The rally began at 11am took place in front of the Israeli embassy located close to the Cheonggya plaza. Police personnel were already guarding the embassy before the rally started while, several local university students came to show support on the land day event.

The event started with a solidarity song sung by a lady from Korean Greenpeace Foundation. It continued with a speech given by a representative from Nanum Munhwa and followed by a poem cited by a student from a local university. Slogans were chanted before several activists tried to enter the building in effort to hand the memorandum to the representative of the embassy. However, a number of police personnel managed to stop the activists from entering the building. Negotiation happened peacefully between the two parties which in the end resulted only one activist was allowed to enter the embassy to hand over the letter. 

Meanwhile, situation outside the compound area of the building remained calm. Individuals later were directed by organizers to perform a one man protest alongside the Cheonggye river. It is believed, not more than 10 individuals stood in front of the embassy with placards while 30 more rallied in circle as part of the protest. During the one-man protest and rally, police officers acted professionally without any scuffle occurred between activists and policemen.

The peaceful rally ended at 1pm. The rally, according to the organizers were a success as every plan conducted, worked well and the message given out to the public and the Israeli government was clear. The police unit and the peaceful demonstrators cooperate in a very professional manner. The event also managed to grab the attention of local TV stations and print media agencies.Image