This is my Jerusalem

This is where i belong, my heart my blood my soul
This is where i come from, my footsteps, my life, my breath
This is where i first found you my love my lust my dream

Those beautiful smiles i see, those gracious walk and sweet honey
Happiness was once inside me, through the window i can feel the warm sunny
On rainy days, i was never gloomy the white raindrops wasn’t my enemy

Cold night and blistering breeze, in summer and spring owh god are you sending an angel to me
Then I walked to the sea the waves and blue skies above me, come sit with me
As I float alone on this dead sea I stare up to the heaven above me, sometimes i feel this is surreal

Suddenly a big wave knocked me out from my fantasy i realized all these feelings inside me, all these wishes i whispered and all these hopes i shared are just shattered dreams
Those beautiful smiles they vanished without saying a thing, the warm sunny never came back ever since
And the rain, owh no I can never describe how i feel
There’s no angel to guide my dream, I wonder if god hears me in my sleepless stint

But this is where I belong, the heart the blood the soul you stole
But this is where I come from the footsteps the life the breath you burn
But this is where I found my love my lust my dream you filthy thieves

You can take everything from me including the sun and the sea
You can use anything on me from artillery to guns and heavy machines
You can yes you can

 But never can you kill the spirit never can you change the belief never can you tell me to keep silent
This is my land, this is my path this is my soil
This is my Jerusalem