For Rachel Corrie

Young Rachel

With guns, metal trucks, bullet proof jackets and shinny bullets they came

With grenades, knives, Kevlar helmets and extra ammo they appeared

With tanks, jet fighters, homemade Uzis and aviator style sunglasses they burst


And there you stood firmly, without fear nor doubt hard as a steel solid as a rock

On that sunny day of March 16 2003 when the whole world was silent still

With a keffiyah in the town of Rafah against the army of terror against the army of slaughter


9 years has passed, 9 years of despair, 9 years of remembrance

Nothing has changed, Rafah is still the same, full of debris and remains

But one thing is for sure they speak about you, your braveness a beautiful young lady and they tell the world your name


The monstrous court has decided today it was an accident, the ugly judge has spoken

Today millions of us are in anger and tears with the barbaric verdict in the judicial system of shame

Today each one of us remember that Sunday of March 16 not even one of us has forgotten


If you are listening to us now Rachel shed a smile

If you are looking at us now Rachel bless us with kindness that can be seen through your eyes

If you reading this Rachel tell the rest of the souls not to worry too much


They may crushed your bones, they may demolished the houses, they may bulldozed everything

They may call it an accident they may call it anything as they please

But they may not stop us not even an inch to move us away from what we believe in

No bullets, bombs, knives, guns or grenade can chase us from our dreams


We still remember you Rachel Corrie and we will always do..


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