The Seminar on the issue of Important strategies for successful BDS Campaign with Yakusige Yosihiro


September 14 2012, PPS had a seminar on the issue of important strategies for the successful BDS campaign with our invited speaker Yakusige Yosihiro, an activist from Palestine Forum Japan.

Yakusige Yosihiro, a well known activist from Osaka, Japan had been leading 3 most successful BDS movement against Israeli occupation in Japan. one of his achievement includes Murakami Haruki, a worldwide famous Japanese writer, gave an acceptance speech, in which he tried to reflect voice for the justice on Palestine’s suffering, at Jerusalem International Book Fair. By sending Murakami an open letter on concern of his acceptance of Jerusalem prize, funded by Israel, for conscience sake, Yosihiro could make Murakami’s speech in that level of awareness on Human Rights.

In addition, Yosihiro lifted ,one of famous Japanese company, Muji’s decision to open a shop in Israel and also withdrew all the Ahava(a Israeli cosmetic company) products from Japan by expanding Boycott campaigns to those companies cooperative with Jewish fund.

In this time, Korean activists could learn some of important strategies and tactics for the successful BDS campaign in a long-term bases and also shared some of ideas not to make a same mistake in the process.