Peace & Disarmament Expo 2012

The Third Peace & Disarmament Expo has been held in Seoul, S.Korea from September 17 to 23, 2012. There were Peace Exhibition at City Hall and daily special session “Let’s talk about peace”, which were organized by different organizations and locations.


PPS had a workshop on 5th day of the Expo, September 21, at Neutinamu hall, PSPD building, on the subject of How to promote BDS movement in S.Korea. Three members of PPS gave presentation. First, DYP gave a brief approximation of the freshly released report “Israel-South Korea Relations”, then Alfian covered about Hyundai Heavy Industry equipments used in house demolition in Palestine and Nyaong finally talked about some successful examples of boycotts against Occupation-involved companies.

After the three parts of presentation finished, All of the attendants, from various background, were together to discuss about possible ways to lead successful BDS movement in Korea against couple of Occupation supportive companies.

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Official 5 days of schedule was followed by Open Market for the last 2 days at Seoul Square, wherein all the participant organizations opened a booth and sold related stuffs like report, information book and handcraft stuffs. Also there were many interesting events, such as concert, dancing time,  film screening and some peace-related activities for the people, passing by.

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PPS had our own booth, selling Palestinian handicrafts, that we proudly brought from Palestine. most of products were made by Palestinian women from refugee camp, so that all the profits we made go directly to help them.

For 2 days many people came to PPS booth, showed their interest on Palestinian issue and were satisfied with beautiful handicrafts from Palestine, Chang Hana was among them, who is a lawmaker from Democratic United Party, a major opponent Party in S.Korea.


This picture was taken with Chang Hana, who is in the middle with red Keffiye.

Through the Expo, more people could have blueprint of the situation in Palestine, especially S.Korea’s deep involvement in the occupation. After the successful 3 days of participation of the Expo, we would take our first step for the effective BDS Campaign in practice.

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