As We Lay

Broken windows and shattered glasses in the day it was dark in the night it was darker silent it was all silent none of us speaks none of us dream none of us feel a thing
Smoky city and the hard strong stench of blood while debris flying roaming in every corner of the street not one person was seen under the destroyed buildings maybe yes maybe
Could the kids dream of a fairy land
Could the boys run and run again could the girls join their brothers holding hands
Could it all be okay could the smoky haze wash the pain and suffer away
To the children of Gaza we all cowards to the children of Gaza we are all hopeless to children of Gaza we feel ashamed
As we all lay tonight what would you be doing sirens ringing and people shouting
As we all lay tonight and the night before how many lives has been taken how many heart has been ripped apart
And as we woke up have things changed or worst it became