Right to Return – and Resist: PPS film screening solidarity night

To commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Palestinian Catastrophe (al Nakba) in which over 750,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes in 1948 in what amounted to an ethnic cleansing of their land by armed Israeli forces, Palestine Peace & Solidarity in South Korea held a screening of Paradise Now in our office in Hapjeong, Seoul on Monday, May 13 (two days ahead of Nakba Day). 

Our event was held as part of a number of events organized by the Asian Peoples’ Solidarity for Palestine (APSP) which includes public conferences, rallies, exhibitions, seminars and other events in a number of locations across the region including 15 cities in Afghanistan, India, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and South Korea. This regional initiative is a part of the “Global Campaign to Return to Palestine” organized by members of the network to address the issue of the right of return for the millions of refugees who remain unable to return to their family homes.

The film depicts the story of two Palestinian friends living in the West Bank who volunteer to take part in a suicide attack inside Israel. The story addresses the issues of violence and nonviolence, hope and hopelessness in the ongoing Palestinian struggle under Israeli military occupation. The film screening was followed by a group discussion about different forms of resistance and the meaning of the ongoing daily Nakba for Palestinians and we shared some Arabic salad and hummus and flatbreads together. Thank you to all those who attended and for your patience and interesting input into our discussion.