PPS Photo Exhibition Now Open @ Café Tripti

드디어! We finally managed to open an exhibition to display the photography of our activist Teon Kim at Café Tripti in Sinchon. It’s open for free to the public for the rest of the month. Teon traveled to Gaza earlier in the year as the head of an aid mission with MediPeace and captured many aspects of daily life with his camera.

poster for photo exhibition

When you drop by, don’t forget to purchase a cup of organic fair trade coffee as the café is operated by a charity supporting migrant workers with disabilities and injuries in Korea. You can also pick up a hard copy of our 2012 report on Israel-ROK relations when you visit.


We suffered a number of unforeseen setbacks, so it’s great to see it up and running. A huge thank you to our friends and activists who helped to bring this whole thing to life!

PPS in solidarity with French BDS activists
You can catch a glimpse of what’s on display in the background in the following photos where our friends joined a photo petition in support of French activists currently in court facing charges of discrimination for taking part in boycott activities targeting Israeli products. PPS was one organization out of more than 150 in 24 countries who signed a statement in support of the protestors. One case was held for seven activists in Alencon on June 27 and another had already taken place in which three activists faced charges in Perpignan the week before. Verdicts for the two cases will be announced in August and September.