July Membership Training

Over the weekend, we held a membership training (in Korea this is referred to as an ‘MT’) for our active members in order to clarify our team values, prorities and campaign goals. It was hard work for everyone, but we made it through and even snuck in a bit of team bonding time cooking meals together and practising our team song.

mt 6

We weren’t able to meet all of the goals we set for the training, but we at least progressed towards all of them and now have a pretty solid activism strategy for the rest of the year. We’ll be taking to the streets in the coming months with a few more nonviolent weapons in our arsenal. We hope to see many friends there to join us.

mt 2We were fortunate to have our experienced long-time member and film director, Banda join us to help us plan our activism and learn about past campaigns.

A huge thanks to Father Pat Cunningham and friends for allowing us to use the Columban Misson Center for our training.

We also do encourage people to sign up as sustainers (donating members) to help us to be more effective. If you feel you could support us with a small monthly donation, you can either use the online form (in Korean) or email palestinekorea@gmail.com with an inqury. All new sustainers receive a welcome pack from us. Of course, you can also support through participation if you have time to join our Monday meetings or just be on our volunteer list for future events and actions. Either way, we’d love you to get involved!

In the meantime, do take 5 minutes out of your day to listen to this song from Michael Heart.