Free Palestine: Rock against the Occupation (8pm, Sat, Aug 24 @ Freebird)


Free Palestine: Rock against the Occupation is a benefit concert which will bring concerned global citizens from Seoul and around the country together for a night of solidarity and live music. On Saturday, August 24 we’ll be filling up the stage of Club Freebird with some of Seoul’s best acts to raise awareness about the Israeli military occupation of Palestine and Palestinian struggle for freedom. Huckleberry Finn, Sato Yukie, Romantiqua, Eshe and Navah (belly dance), Sunn-Row, Reflex Beatniks and Sarasu have decided to extend their support for freedom in Palestine by donating their musical talent for one meaningful night of powerful music and human solidarity – and we’re hoping to add one more band to the final lineup.

Doors open at 8pm on the night of Saturday, August 24 and the live music will continue into the early hours of Sunday morning. Tickets will be sold for 10,000 won at the door and 100% of all profits raised will go towards helping send Palestine Peace and Solidarity activists to the occupied West Bank to document the use of Korean equipment in the illegal demolition of Palestinian homes and to participate in direct action in support of the Palestinian struggle for freedom from Israeli military occupation. In addition, funds raised will support PPS’ domestic activism in raising awareness in South Korea about Palestinian human rights and ending Israeli occupation and apartheid.

Thanks to the musical stylings of some of Seoul’s finest indie musicians, Free Palestine: Rock against the Occupation promises to be a meaningful night packed with high energy entertainment in solidarity with Palestinians.

Huckleberry Finn are veterans of Seoul’s indie scene, starting out in 1997 and pursuing their own unique sound for the last 16 years. They’ll be performing acoustic which, if you haven’t seen it yet, is an experience you can’t afford to miss. I’ve been hooked on their song ‘Desert’ ever since I finally got to see them perform.

After their recent stint at the 2013 Ansan Valley Rock Festival, psychedelic postrock act Romantiqua are teaming up with renowned bellydance artist Eshe and her troupe Navah to tear up the stage – and the floor. Get a sneak preview by checking out this collaboration with Romantiqua performing ‘What’s Not There’.

Romantiqua performing the spacey ballad ‘Borus Aurelious’:

Eshe & Navah have kindly agreed to take it one step further and will also be performing their own dance set during the evening.

Sato Yukie should need no introduction. Born in Tokyo and usually seen playing alongside his bandmates in ‘Gopchang Jeongol’, he’s been a familiar name in Seoul’s music halls for a number of years bringing his unique improvised style to the scene. Check him out jamming out ‘Train to a New World’.

We’re also very pleased to announce that fresh from the latest installment of ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Punk Rock’, Sunn-Row of pop-punk legends ‘The Strikers’ will be cranking the tempo down a notch to perform an acoustic punk set for us. Here’s Sunn performing ‘Missing Grace’ by the Strikers.

Up and coming punk/emo band Reflex will be rocking out for Palestine after also recently taking to the 2013 Ansan Valley Rock stage. Their upbeat and high energy style of rock promises to get the crowd moving! Here they are performing, ‘We Can’t Stop, We Just Going on ‘:

We’ll also be joined by newly-launched electro-rock outfit Beatniks who are already making a name for themselves with a unique collision of electronica and guitar rock.

We’re looking for volunteers to help out on the night with flyering and also to help work the door, so please get in touch if you can be of help by emailing: