Palestine (Re)visited

Thanks to those who have supported our activism in different ways we were able to send three Palestine Peace & Solidarity activists over to the occupied Palestinian territories in September/October to document the use of Korean-made construction equipment in home demolitions in occupied East Jerusalem. A short documentary film is currently being produced based on the story of one courageous family in At-Tur (Mount of Olives) whose homes were demolished and who we found living in half-demolished or makeshift homes perched on the hillside.

Resistance wall art near the Gilo Settlement checkpoint.
Resistance wall art near the Gilo Settlement checkpoint.

Over the next few weeks a number of posts will follow which will look into different aspects of the occupation that our activists experienced with the help and support of a number of our friends in Palestine. This includes the so-called Greater Jeruslaem plan to ethnic cleanse East Jerusalem of its Palestinian inhabitants – of which home demolition is one major factor, nonprofits working inside Jeruslaem to help minority communities, the local popular struggles which hold regular protests throughout the West Bank, and a look into the highly militarized segment of Hebron where some of the most insidious dimensions of the occupation are brought into full relief.

We intend to give a series of talks to cover some of these topics in more depth before the end of the year, so hopefully these brief posts will peak your interest and encourage you to join us in person for a more detailed look.

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  1. Thank you So Very much!! for this great work;) thank you for giving us hope the fact we are not alone here, going through your site I feel the Love and compassion and support.
    thank you again. Straight Foreword we go together.
    Justice and Freedom for all.

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