Join our 2013 End-of-Year Party! (4pm, Sat, Dec 14)

<Palestine Peace & Solidarity in South Korea 2013 End-of-Year Party!>
4 – 8 pm, Saturday, December 14 @ Columban Center, Hyehwa (near Sungsin Women’s University Station, Exit 4 – follow the signs) see the map
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In order to show our gratitude to our members, supporters, friends and fellow social movement organizations who have helped us so much over the past year we have decided to throw a big event and invite you all to join us!

I’m going to throw in what has already become the centerpiece at the beginning: we’ll be serving real Palestinian food free to guests! Our Palestinian friends have kindly offered to prepare some Palestinian food for us all. Now we know you are coming!

Hummus, foul, falafel... Hungry anyone?
Hummus, ful medames, falafel… Hungry anyone?

With three of our activists having recently returned from Palestine after working on a mini documentary project in East Jerusalem and another about to embark on an important project in the West Bank, we have a lot to share with you! We have two talks planned which will be followed by interactive Q&A sessions. The first is about home demolitions in East Jerusalem where South Korean company Hyundai Heavy Industries excavators are often seen carrying out the illegal destruction and the second will describe the situation in Hebron’s H2 area which remains under full Israeli military control and is home to a few hundred ideological settlers who are living in illegal settlements protected by the Israeli military among 40,000 Palestinians.

Chopkicking the Apartheid Wall at Gilo Checkpoint
Chopkicking the Apartheid Wall at Gilo Checkpoint

Both talks promise to be eye opening and our activists will also share their personal observations and photos. While the statistics are typically devastating, the Palestinians living behind them are fighting back and resisting in myriad ways. We hope to discuss the harsh realities of military occupation but also to encourage you to visit the beautiful land and its amazingly hospitable people.

To provide some respite from what are sure to be very informative but at times frustratingly difficult discussion on the realities of the brutal occupation, we’ll also be presenting a special flamenco performance by the very gifted and classically trained Stan Olmstead. Stan spent time in rural Spain learning the art of folk music from a local community and he will also give a brief introduction to his craft by placing it in historical context; flamenco is said to have been born out of the fingers of peasants in southern Spain at a time in the Middle Ages when the region was very much a part of the Islamic world and home to Arabs, Jews, Christians and Gypsies alike.

As this year has been a pretty busy year with a number of talks, actions and events held by Palestine Peace & Solidarity – including one of our activists working on a medical aid delivery project in the besieged Gaza Strip, we’ll also review the year’s activities and together discuss our plans for 2014. We’ll be looking for conversation and creativity: we want to know what you want us to be working on in 2014 and also discover ways to get you more involved.

In other words, you better be there!

2014: UN declared Year of Solidarity with Palestinian People. By Carlos Latuff
2014: UN declared Year of Solidarity with Palestinian People. Cartoon by Carlos Latuff.

You can visit the Facebook event page here.  As we have limited seating, please RSVP by emailing with the subject line ‘PPS Year End Party [+ Your name, contact number]’.