Beautiful new kuffiyehs for the Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

We recently received our shipment of colorful new kuffiyehs that we purchased from Women in Hebron in the sook (market) in Khalil’s Old City. Women in Hebron is a women’s cooperative that offers about 150 local women a source of income and economic independence through its  workshop in Idna in the district of Hebron. The organization also runs a retail shop in the Old City which displays their intricate embroidery and beautiful handicrafts as part of its mission to preserve Palestinian heritage.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s a message from Laila of Women in Hebron we recording during our visit last September.

The kuffiyehs themselves are produced at the last kuffiyeh factory in the West Bank run by Mr. Hirbawi and then women from the cooperative add their own embroidery to them. While we purchased some of the original black and white design, the more colorful ones are very popular with internationals.

If you would like to get your hands on one, please drop us a line @ They are going for W20,000 a piece. This includes the original amount which all goes to Women in Hebron, shipping, and an additional amount of a few won which supports the work of Palestine Peace and Solidarity in South Korea. You can visit our Hapjeong office anytime to check out our range of designs and colors or ask for a particular color and we’ll send you a photo of the range in that color. We do encourage you to get in quick, though, as we’ve already had to fill a number of orders within a few days of receiving the shipment.