Solidarity message from Gangjeong village international team

We, the Gangjeong village international team, joined the 2014 gangjeong grand march for life and peace and walked whilst holding a banner that read ‘stop killing Palestinians’ in solidarity with the people of Gaza and the West Bank.

South Korea is one of the top three nations exporting arms to israel. big corporations in South Korea, like Samsung, are leading the nation’s arms industry. These corporations are behind the Jeju naval base project against which we, Gangjeong villagers, activists, and many people on Jeju Island and across Korea strongly oppose.

In our knowledge, Isreal is attaking Gaza and killing people there for natural resources.

It is sad and infuriating to know that our world is dominated by big banks and corporations.

Life and peace are more important than money.

The struggles in Gaza and Jeju are one as we are all for saving the world from human greed and crime.

The persistent struggle in gaza inspires the world!


Stop the killing of palestinians!

Stop the occupation of palestine!