Why Israel Installed Facial Recognition Camera at the Military Checkpoint?

(Please turn on ‘captions’ on Youtube as it has English subtitles.)

The Israeli military is collecting the biometric data of Palestinians using facial recognition cameras installed at the checkpoints and making a database out of it.

Israel has refurbished the checkpoints and installed facial recognition technology costing over 85 million USD. Now the Palestinian workers are forced to make magnetic biometric cards to get the work permits. Israel already had a database of the Palestinian residents including their portraits, and now it has become easier for Israel to record and control their transfer.

AnyVision, an Israeli startup, has provided the facial recognition technology (FRT) to the Israeli military. AnyVision’s software can be easily integrated with all kinds of cameras. It changes an ordinary camera into a smart camera by analyzing and categorizing all the information recorded in the camera sensor. As it can be adopted without replacing any existing equipment, it can be installed so that those whose images are being captured will not realize it.

Korean Progressive Network ‘진보넷Jinbonet‘, a human rights group, made a video investigating the issue. Jinbonet has been fighting against the digital surveillance and advocating the right of privacy for the past 20 years.