We denounce the violent crackdown on the Istanbul LGBTI Pride Parade!

The civil society and LGBTI rights movement in South Korea stand with the LGBTI rights movement in Turkey!

On June 28, when LGBTI pride parades were being held lavishly in places worldwide including Seoul to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, LGBTI people in Turkey were faced with brutal police violence. The government of Istanbul Province banned the Istanbul LGBTI Pride Parade, scheduled to take place on Taksim Square, only a few hours before without legitimate reasons, and the police violently dispersed the crowds that had gathered on Taksim Square to take part in the parade by using water cannons, tear gas, and rubber bullets. Many people were injured.

Citing that it was the Ramadan, the Turkish government prohibited an event that had been held peacefully over the past twelve years. However, a transgender people’s pride parade had been held only a few days before, still during the holy month. Several years earlier, the Istanbul LGBTI Pride Parade had been held during the Ramadan as well. The recent ban on the pride parade was nothing but a restriction on LGBTI people’s legitimate rights. The oppression of LGBTI people and violations of universal human rights in the name of “tradition” and “culture” are not condonable.

In recent years, Turkish society has been beset by hate crime against LGBTI people. Amidst such a situation, the government’s suppression of the Istanbul LGBTI Pride Parade amounts to the incitement of discrimination and violence against LGBTI people. The LGBTI rights movement and civil society in South Korea denounce in the strongest terms the anti-human rights and violent oppression committed by the Turkish authorities, which have thus trampled on democratic rights and incited violence against LGBTI people.

In addition, we are deeply concerned that tear gas produced in South Korea may have been used to suppress LGBTI people in Turkey. Despite criticism from the international community and opposition from domestic civil society, the South Korean government has continued to export tear gas to Turkey. Police violence in Turkey is infamous. Due to the abuse and overuse of tear gas by the Turkish police, nine participants in anti-government protests even lost their lives in 2013. The South Korean government must stop exporting weapons including tear gas, which can be used to suppress citizens’ freedom to express their political opinions, to violate human rights, and to injure and kill people.

LGBTI people and their supporters in Turkey did not succumb to police violence but resisted, staging the pride parade throughout the city well into the night. Shouts of “We are not leaving! Love wins!” echoed. We express our deep respect for and firm solidarity with the courageous resistance of LGBTI people in Turkey. We will form solidarity and fight until the day oppression of and violence against LGBTI people have completely disappeared and LGBTI citizens around the globe enjoy their rights as equal citizens.

July 2, 2015

Amnesty International Korea
Human Rights Center SARAM
Korean Confederation of Trade Union
Korean House for International Solidarity
Rainbow Action against Sexual-Minority Discrimination
SARANGBANG Group for Human Rights
Palestine Peace and Solidarity in South Korea
People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy
World Without War


Protest on July 26

On July 26, over 150 people gathered in Seoul, South Korea to condemn the ongoing assault on Gaza and demand an end to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine. With testimonies from Palestinians, a powerful performance, several “die-ins,” and a march past the Israeli embassy, the demo attracted positive attention from passers-by in downtown Seoul.

The rally began with a performance in which participants solemnly laid white flowers on an enormous Palestinian flag, in memory of the more than 1,000 people, mostly civilians, killed in the current attack on Gaza. A series of speakers, including Palestinians living in Korea, described the devastating impact of Israel’s current operation and the constant violence of the occupation. Demands included a halt to Korean arms sales to Israel, a suspension of diplomatic support of Israel, and, more broadly, an end to the current attack, the crippling siege of Gaza, and the occupation of Palestine.

After staging a “die-in” of dozens of people, the group marched through central Seoul, with several more die-ins along the way. The hundreds of people who received fliers from the marchers were, in general, receptive to the message of solidarity with Palestine.

Though police arbitrarily prevented protesters from marching directly in front of the Israeli embassy, they were able to pass within shouting distance. The embassy has been the target of all-day “one-person” protests every day since July 15, which will be maintained until Israel ends its assault. Weekly rallies, which began on July 19, will also continue to be held every Saturday.

This Saturday’s action was organized and supported by a range of South Korean pro-Palestinian organizations, unions, and political parties. A large contingent of foreigners, especially from the Muslim and Arab world, also took part in the demo.

summary by PPS activist

Meeting Day 10/12/16 in Duriban

You can see pictures of the Meeting Day in Picasa web album.


It started at 7: 30 in duriban. and we had a translator 🙂


1) (BGM: Arabic music) Greetings & tell the story of Pal, briefly
2) introducing the arabic foods, and eating time (for 15 min: by Ichi and Amanda(?))
3) introducing the people who told us to come to that day in advance at our site.(http://pal.or.kr/xe/notice/meeting2010)
4) reporting activities in 2010 (by 10min video clip, Banda)
5) commemorating 2nd anniversary of Gaza massacre.
-watch 1 video clip, and have some mourning time, and the short speach of Tamer. (15 min)
6) report the activities in Palestine (by YaPing, 30 min –> but it’ll get 50 min with translation, I guess).
–  reporting about the Olive Harvesting Campaign and the situation in Al Arakib village.

2010 Palestine Solidarity Actions in South Korea

-01/09 attending the funeral for Yongsan fire victims

-01/14 reading <Rafeeq – Palestine and I>

-selling the products: sugar, named “the hope of Negros” and organic vegetables from Sangju.

– starting Arab language lessons with ordinary people

– 02/25 film screening day : <Arna’s children>

-03/11 meeting with Japanese activist “Ichi”, about coordinating with Japanese Palestinian Solidarity Activists

– starting high school club activity with students from Jaehyun High School

– 3/20 peace cultural festival with Iraq, <no more war>

– 03/25 film screening day : <9 star hotel>

– 03/30 campaign for “Land day”

– 04/22 meeting with “April”, <Recent Palestine situations and changes>

– 04/23 film screening day : <Gaza-Sderot, Pre-War Chronicles>

– 05/01 Joined Mayday demonstration

– 05/29 Joined the “Human Rights Film Festival in Seoul”

-Protest condemning Israel for the attack on the Gaza freedom flotilla : mobilizing many individuals to sign the statement. Guerilla Protest in front of the Israeli Embassy.

– 06/10 protest condemning Israeli Premier, Simon Perres

– 06/25 public film screening day : <9 star hotel>

– 08/24 volunteer farming in Sangju

– 10/03 Joined the 2010 Peace and Disarmament Fair

– 10/16 Boycott Muji Campaign

– Going to Palestine to participate in the Olive Harvest Campaign

– 11/14 The 8th Week Against the Apartheid Wall Day of Protest

– 11/25 Joined Support Juvenile Activists event

– 12/11 Joined the Women Workers Union’s party